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On August 1st, 2001 Bonfire Wings opened to overwhelming local support. Bonfire Wings is a neighborhood based, fast-casual, counter service restaurant. Bonfire Wings specializes in twelve unique flavors of hot wings and authentic Creole/ Cajun specialties. Traditional favorites like gumbo & boudain are mainstays! The fast-casual concept was developed with the mission of providing a high quality-dining alternative with a unique environment at an exceptional value all while keeping the family at the forefront. With that in mind, Bonfire Wings keeps large supplies of “Mardi Gras” beads on hand for first timers and children. Current estimates reveal nearly 70% of Bonfire Wing’s guest request a “to-go- box” due to the generous portions served from the diminutive 1,100 square foot establishments. The initial goal was to influence an area of 2-5 miles surrounding the original East Houston location. The proprietor’s note they are receiving customers from three separate counties almost on a daily basis. There is truly something positive to be said about “Word of Mouth” advertising.


Bonfire Wings boast wing sauces with creative names as Cajun Mojo, Garlic Parmesan, Spicy Creole, Insanely Hot, Honey Bar-B-Q (award winner & top seller), Hot Lemon Pepper and Sweet Heat. It is not hard to find something perfect for your taste buds. These wings are significantly larger than most “wing joints” and are exquisitely seasoned 12+ hours before frying. Yes, before frying! To that point, customers have started coming to Bonfire Wings for fried chicken wings with no sauce. Cayenne pepper is the primary base for all good Creole and Cajun dishes throughout Louisiana. The owners have definitely stuck to their cultural roots. It is far from a fast-food experience, but Bonfire Wings is great comfort food and creole nostalgia with a jolt!


Adding to the unique appeal of the fast-casual restaurant is the bona-fide south Louisiana interior design and continuous lively Zydeco music. Not only has Bonfire Wings been successful in capturing demanding palettes of customers but also the melting pot culture of southern Louisiana. Bonfire Wings has developed a menu that is attractive to the vast majority of wing connoisseurs and lovers of hearty meals. Through the development of proprietary sauces and seasonings, Bonfire Wings has been able to offer a distinctive variety of flavors while keeping a keen focus value for their customers.


Unique side orders to mix & match with your favorite Bonfire Wings.


A lot of pride also goes into the Cajun seasoned fries; the seasoning is so good that customers often request the secret blend. Not surprisingly, the owners measure success another way. The fact that a group of vintage ladies born & raised in Creole South Louisiana would come in on Sunday’s after church for gumbo is what they consider the ultimate vote of confidence. From my viewpoint it is obvious that the locations are well visited, the painted red floors are literally peeling from the front door back to the extremely clean bathrooms. To top all that off, these small neighborhood restaurants offer indisputable New Orleans style “Voodoo Daiquiri’s & Crazy Cajun Coladas” reserved for the customers over 21!


If you are in search of a taste bud and nostalgia overloading experience, Bonfire Wings will definitely fill the void.

Perfectly seasoned boudain links & balls:

Boudain (boo-dan) A Cajun sausage made of cooked ground pork, rice and seasonings stuffed into a casing. Boudain Balls (boo-dan balls) The exact ingredients of the Boudain (uncased) rolled into balls covered with a flour/cornmeal mixture and deep-fried until brown. They are also available with melted cheese centers!


Authentic Creole gumbo:

Gumbo (gum-boh) a spicy roux based soup of chicken and andouille sausage, served over rice. A popular favorite among Creoles and Cajuns alike!

(The great information on Cajun and Creole Culture was obtained from the Encyclopedia of Cajun Culture, Author- Jim Oliver. For more information in Cajun and Creole Culture, please log onto: www.cajunculture.com)

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Sunday – Thursday 11am to 10pm. Friday & Saturday 11am to 11pm.
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  • 13030 Woodforest Blvd. #H Houston,TX 77015
    713-451-MOJO (6656)
  • 10701 North Freeway #F
    Houston, TX 77037
    (281) 447-MOJO (6656)

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